Probiotics help tilapia grow and fight disease — study

Feeding Nile tilapia probiotics leads to improved health and performance, according to work analyzing research to date.

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Probiotics help tilapia grow and fight disease — study


Daphnia water fleas from the pond

Fishmeal substitute made from zooplankton could boost tilapia growth and health

A feed made from the zooplankton daphnia boosted growth rates of red tilapia fry when used as a partial replacement for fishmeal, but too much daphnia had the opposite effect.

Feeding frenzy as rainbow trout eat at the D C Booth Historic N

Yeast could aid shift away from fish-based diets in rainbow trout aquaculture

Torula yeast could be a promising option for inclusion in non-fishmeal feeds, with scientists finding links to production and immune improvements in a study using rainbow trout. 

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Managing health issues in the fast-changing aquaculture industry

An interview with Stian Johnsen, project manager for the World Organization for Animal Health 

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The importance of benthic monitoring for aquaculture sustainability

An interview with Kate McEwen, head of environmental services at PHARMAQ Analytiq

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Cutting antibiotic use in Chile’s growing salmon sector

An interview with Francisco Vallejos, MV, deputy health manager for Camanchaca SA.

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How to balance fish welfare and environmental protection in aquaculture

Fish farmers’ efforts to protect the environment often come at a cost to fish welfare, say scientists at the University of Melbourne, in a new opinion paper.

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How accessible genome sequencing supports sustainable aquaculture

New, affordable technologies are changing the speed and cost at which full-genome sequences can be produced for diverse applications.

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Understanding, but not application, of sustainable health measures in Vietnam’s pangasius industry

Pangasius farmers in Vietnam generally view vaccination in a positive light and are concerned about antibiotic use, although further work is required to ensure sustainable practices are widely implemented, new research led by University of Stirling suggests.