Mediterranean heatwaves putting farmed finfish under strain

The welfare of farmed seabream and sea bass in the Mediterranean is threatened by marine heatwaves, which are becoming increasingly frequent in the region.

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Mediterranean heatwaves putting farmed finfish under strain

Sea bass & sea bream

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Sea bass farm in Italy hit by a rare outbreak of lactococcosis

Scientists have reported a case of lactococcosis, caused by the bacterium Lactococcus garvieae, at a sea bass farm in Italy — a rare development which has prompted questions over its origins and possible wider threat.

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How acoustic technologies are aiding fish health and welfare

Monitoring fish using sound is on the rise in aquaculture, meeting a need to accurately assess the health and welfare of farmed-fish populations in changing environments.

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Data and feed helping tackle some of Europe’s prevalent fish-health threats

A Europe-wide project is helping establish new approaches to tackle economically important parasites and pathogens, both in the Mediterranean and Norway.

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Managing health risks in Mediterranean aquaculture’s least-controllable environment

The consolidation of Mediterranean aquaculture is standardizing production practices in the region and leading to better biosecurity management, but growing out fish in the unforgiving environment at sea poses the sort of challenge that demands realistic, practical solutions.


New approach could improve understanding of farmed seabream welfare

Analyzing proteins from the skin mucus of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) could offer a promising, welfare-friendly route to monitor stress levels of the fish during production cycles.

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Helping Mediterranean fish farmers quickly identify disease issues

An interview with Emre Berke, DVM, PhD, field technical support associate for PHARMAQ.

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Revealing farmed sea bream’s diverse microbiome could aid health improvements

The microbiome of gilthead seabream farmed in the Mediterranean appears to be very distinct from that of their surrounding environment — offering new insight which may help in managing health issues associated with the species.

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Diversity of sea bass pathogen strains highlights challenge in Mediterranean aquaculture

A new study analyzing three strains of the bacterium Vibrio harveyi found among farmed sea bass in the Mediterranean has underlined the diversity of the pathogen, which poses a severe threat to the region’s aquaculture.