Cutting antibiotic use in Chile’s growing salmon sector

An interview with Francisco Vallejos, MV, deputy health manager for Camanchaca SA.

Francisco Vallejos, MV, deputy health manager for Camanchaca SA

Cutting antibiotic use in Chile’s growing salmon sector

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Fish welfare key in aquaculture operations

Measurement and environment are key to fish welfare

In the last decade, fish welfare has become a prominent driver of aquaculture operations. Angela Ashby, head of clinical services at PHARMAQ Analytiq, believes that the engagement of production staff in this area remains underappreciated.

Learnings from salmon disease outbreaks among Chilean shared-water fish farms

Disease outbreaks in open aquaculture systems highlight benefits of collaboration

Disease is a shared problem for those farming fish in the open sea, say industry experts — and the results of better collaboration are plain to see. 

How to bring the pen to the tank

How to bring the pen to the tank — without compromising fish disease-research strength

In-tank studies remain the bedrock of research into aquaculture disease, but their design is changing to meet demands to replicate scenarios closer to field conditions, according to Mark Braceland, PhD, director of fish health at the Center for Aquaculture Technologies.

User-friendly tools put cleaner fish welfare in the spotlight

A package of tools designed by scientists at Swansea University has been made available to help producers monitor the welfare of lumpfish, commonly used as biological control for sea lice on salmon farms.

New system to assess gill disease could help salmon producers

Gill disease in Atlantic salmon is caused by a number of pathogens and has different clinical and pathological signs. This means that to date, there has been no standardized methodology developed for field diagnosis, despite the fact that gill health issues are a growing concern for salmon producers in all the major salmon-producing nations.

Beyond Five Freedoms animal welfare

Taking farmed fish welfare beyond the ‘five freedoms’

Over the last decade, a considerable body of research has demonstrated the capacity of fish to suffer – yet there remain unknowns around what causes the most serious negative impacts on their quality of life.

Vera Agostini

Biosecurity’s crucial role in ensuring sustainable future for global aquaculture

An interview with Vera Agostini, deputy director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Bacterial threats to Asian tilapia aquaculture

New knowledge sheds light on bacterial threats to Asian tilapia aquaculture

A growing understanding of bacterial pathogens is highlighting the challenge Asian tilapia producers face, but good health-management practices on fish farms and new diagnostic technologies can help, says an academic expert.