Understanding plankton threats to salmon requires a mix of old and new technologies

Using both “traditional” microscopy and environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis can help paint a complete picture of plankton threats to salmon aquaculture, according to University of Glasgow research.

Freshwater aquatic zooplankton under microscope view

Understanding plankton threats to salmon requires a mix of old and new technologies

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Cage modifications can help manage sea lice problems — but care needed

Sea lice are one of the primary problems affecting Atlantic salmon farming, with severe infestations impacting fish health and performance, and the stress of treatments being linked with the development of other diseases. Changes to the sea cages that salmon are often farmed in offers one solution, according to an expert.


Warming climate could mean more-virulent fish viruses, study suggests

Rising temperatures may increase the risk that viral pathogens pose to farmed seafood species, according to French research.

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Helping Mediterranean fish farmers quickly identify disease issues

An interview with Emre Berke, DVM, PhD, field technical support associate for PHARMAQ.


Novel sampling reveals microbial changes during gill disease on Irish salmon farm

A non-lethal sampling method combined with cutting-edge molecular analysis has shed new light on microbial interactions in Atlantic salmon gills during a gill disease outbreak.

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Vaccine study offers new insight on Norway’s winter ulcer problem

In recent years, the Norwegian aquaculture industry has struggled against the rise of “variant” forms of Moritella viscosa, a bacterium which causes the disease winter ulcer in Atlantic salmon. This has led to concerns about the efficacy of existing vaccines against the pathogen.

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Environmental DNA testing could provide early warning of barramundi disease

Sampling DNA from the aquaculture environment could aid early diagnosis of scale drop disease, an emerging and potentially severe viral condition affecting farmed barramundi in Asia.

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Tackling jellyfish blooms affecting farmed fish in the British Isles

Tiny jellyfish have contributed to cases of gill disease in farmed Atlantic salmon in Scotland and Ireland in the past year, but early recognition and maintaining good general gill health are key to reducing the threat.

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Using proteomics to understand infectious disease response in aquaculture

By Robert Stewart, PhD candidate at the Roslin Institute