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Ensuring elite disease management during challenging time for Canada’s salmon farms

Salmon farming in Canada is facing some unprecedented challenges, but there is no sign of the industry letting its guard down when it comes to disease prevention. 

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Agarose gel electrophoresis

Scientists delve into rising incidence of mycobacteriosis on Norwegian salmon farms

Cases of mycobacteriosis, a serious disease affecting Atlantic salmon predominantly related to Mycobacterium salmoniphilum infections, appear to be on the increase in Norway.

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Bringing aquaculture into mission to boost sustainable livestock production in Sub-Saharan Africa

An interview with Ben North, technical director, Global Commercial Development, Aquaculture Health

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Helping Mediterranean fish farmers quickly identify disease issues

An interview with Emre Berke, DVM, PhD, field technical support associate for PHARMAQ.

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Vaccine study offers new insight on Norway’s winter ulcer problem

In recent years, the Norwegian aquaculture industry has struggled against the rise of “variant” forms of Moritella viscosa, a bacterium which causes the disease winter ulcer in Atlantic salmon. This has led to concerns about the efficacy of existing vaccines against the pathogen.

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Tackling jellyfish blooms affecting farmed fish in the British Isles

Tiny jellyfish have contributed to cases of gill disease in farmed Atlantic salmon in Scotland and Ireland in the past year, but early recognition and maintaining good general gill health are key to reducing the threat.

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Race to control bacterial disease which threatens Irish salmon production

The bacterium Piscirickettsia salmonis, which causes the disease salmonid rickettsial septicemia (SRS) in Atlantic salmon, is becoming an increasing concern on fish farms in Ireland.

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Reducing the need for live fish in vaccine research and development

Initiatives to avoid the use of live animals in research are happening across academia and industry worldwide, based on the “3 Rs” principles — replacement, reduction and refinement.

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New tools can transform understanding of aquaculture’s microbiology

The microbiome of aquaculture systems has long been known to have a significant role in fish health and welfare issues, yet a full understanding of these interactions has often eluded experts.

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Study tracks salmonid alphavirus transmission in Norwegian aquaculture

New genomic analysis of salmonid alphavirus subtype 2 (SAV2) samples from Norway has shed new light on how the pathogen has spread through the country since its introduction in 2010.